Stickman in Craps

Craps is a very popular casino game; it can be played with one or more players. The game is played when each player takes a turn rolling two dice at once. The player with the dice is called the shooter. The game is played in rounds and the very first roll of each new round is called a come out roll. If the shooter throws a 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll then the round ends and the shooter must roll another come out roll. The result of a 2, 3 or 12 is called craps while a 7 or 11 is a win or a natural. When the shooter rolls any of the other numbers they are called point, if a point is thrown then the shooter will re-roll the dice until a 7 is rolled or the point is rolled again.

Players can make any number bet they wish, most of these are betting on the way the way will end with either a point or a 7 out. Other types of betting can have bets on a specific total being rolled out or a specific total will be rolled before a 7. In casinos bets are made with Casinoslots on a specifically made craps table. The game you will notice is run by 4 casino workers. They are the boxman, he guards the chips and supervises the deals and handles coloring out players. There are two based dealers, each stand to either side of the boxman and collect and pay out the bets.

The Stickman, he stands across from the boxman and he announces the results of each roll to the table and then he collects the dice with an elongated stick hence the name stickman. He is also in charge of collecting the bets from the middle of the table, these bets are called hardway, yo and horn bets.

When there is new shooter who has to bet the minimum the table sets, he places the bets on the pass line or do not pass line to play and the give 5 dice by the stickman, the shooter chooses two dice from the five to play with. The rules of the game dictate that the shooter must roll the dice with one hand, once the shooter picks up the dice he cannot switch hands the dice cannot leave those hands.

The shooter will then toss the dice within the walls of the table, the dice cannot slide across the table they must end up at the far wall and then bounce off of the wall. All other players when the dice are being rolled must keep their hands away from the table to avoid any unnecessary contact with the dice. These rules exist to prevent cheating. If the dice happens to fly off the table then the stickman will present the shooter with new dice to complete the roll. All of the rules ensure fun and fairplay for all of the players involved.

The three most popular games with the best odds of winning are craps, pitbull poker, and blackjack.

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Super Challenge at Online Casino Paypal

The month of May at Online Casino Paypal is all about female superheroes and the casino is celebrating this month with a range of bonus based offers. There are monthly and weekly super challenges as well as a Facebook contest on offer with players getting a chance to win awesome prizes and bonuses.

The Super Challenges run all through the month of May with a separate challenge each week as follows:

–          May 1st to 31st – $2,500 Super Challenge

–          April 30th to May 6th – $1,500 Wonder Woman Challenge

–          May 7th to 13th – $1,500 Super Mum Challenge

–          May 14th to 20th – $1,500 Cat Woman Challenge

–          May 21st to 27th – $1,500 Super Girl Challenge

–          May 28th to June 3rd – $1,500 Elektra Challenge

Wednesdays in May are important as every Wednesday the Online Casino Paypal plans to give extra bonuses up to $250. Players have two hours, from 11 am EST to 1pm EST to visit the casino and get tickets to the prize draw where they can end up with a bonus. Players will be allocated one ticket on visiting the Online Casino Paypal, three tickets to those who have made any previous deposit and 10 tickets were allotted to those who deposited on May 22nd or 23rd.

Apart from this mid-week bonus, the Online Casino Paypal offered a Facebook contest mid-May where players who commented on their Facebook page and stated their choice of super heroine have a chance of winning a $100 free bonus. All those who opted for this offer and commented at Facebook will be entered into a random and three winners announced on Monday May 28th who will win a $100 free bonus each.

Members at Online Casino Paypal who missed on this offer can still participate in the last two weeks and opt for the next two weekly challenges. The $1,500 Super Girl Challenge runs on till May 27th and the top 28 players on the leaderboard will end up with bonuses ranging from $25 to $250.

To participate in the weekly offer, players have to deposit and wager at the casino and earn points. The casino will award one point for every $10 wagered and five points for every dollar deposited. Check out this offer and win big bonuses at Online Casino Paypal.

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How To Play Age of Empires

Hello and welcome to games like Age of Empires. Let’s start with Age of Mythology Ensemble Studios, who created Age of Empires decided to make a spin-off series based on mythological beliefs. So here game takes place in a lost land of Atlantis and focuses on the famous Greek, Egyptian and Norse myths and legends. So, to say short – it’s an Age of Empires, just with a mythological setting. So be prepared to fight almighty Kraken, who isn’t that big as legends describe. Definitely smaller than your mom. All in all, game is really fun to play and it’ a must try for every Age of Empires fan. Rise of Nations: Extended Edition Rise of Nations was released in 2003, but despite the age it still looks really good. I wish that somebody said that about me. “Oh, despite the age he is ridiculously good looking”. Said to me no one ever. So, here you can choose from 18 different civilizations and guide them through 8 different stages of worlds history. Mostly by pillaging and raping other civilizations, yeah! Game has some unique RTS gameplay elements, including automatic spawning of citizens-workers, who automatically look for a task to perform.

That is so far from reality, usually people try to hide from their responsibilities. Other unusual feature is unlimited resources. No that doesn’t mean that you can mine zillions of everything and make zillions of soldiers, and then achieve zillion victories, no. Instead of limiting resources, game is limiting extraction speed. So if yours is bigger than opponents, that’s what she said, you will probably win. Empire Earth franchise First part is the most loved by old school players, but let’s be fair – graphics are outdated. So if you’re not a fan already, you might want to choose another part. So, you are probably thinking,”hey I’m gonna try third – newest part”. No, no. That would be a mistake. Because I doubt that you want to play a game with user score of 2.8. Yes, out of 10. So let’s look at second part of Empire Earth. It’s way less outdated than the first, and way less terrible than the third.

Here, according to a game description, you will become the greatest conqueror of all time. And in reality it could be other way around. You could actually suck at this game and be conquered all the time. Just like in real life. Warcraft 3 Warcraft 3 was released in 2002, so it’s an old game, but not too long ago, in 2018, Blizzard issued an update for it, supporting widescreen monitors, adjusting viewpoint and making it look like a new game. Warcraft 3 is really fun, it has a great campaign story, great gameplay and amazing multiplayer with matchmaking system, meaning that you will always find an opponent to battle. Game is still popular, so you definitely will. Bannermen Alright, this is a shot into the darkness, because game isn’t released yet. It will be in a second half of 2018, but I don’t want to limit my list because of that, and I think that you will enjoy this mini review anyway.

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Mobile Game Graphics

Feel the game’s console-quality graphics, dominate massive titans, build your kingdom and lead your troops to victory. You are in control and it’s up to you to face your enemies. It has a PlayScore of 8.49 5. Clash Royale Instead of demolishing villages, you’ll have castles to annihilate in glorious real-time action in SUPERCELL’s latest IP. No need to miss your old allies because they’re all here, along with their new medieval companions. Use your balloon bombs and giants alongside knights, princes, and kings. Inspired by elements from popular trading card games, leveling up is a breeze. Win crowns, open chests, and earn enough cards and see your troops and yourself rank up. Form clans with your friends so you can share cards and form stronger decks or battle with each other in private duels. Or you could just head to the next arena and conquer more castles. It receives a PlayScore of 8.58 4. Hearthstone Before there was Gwent and other modern trading card games, there was Blizzard’s Hearthstone. Borrowing elements from the classic Magic: The Gathering and integrating it with their own Warcraft flavor, this game won the fans of the TCG genre.

With over 9 varied classes, over a thousand different cards and so many strategies to choose from, customize your deck as you see fit and check your skill inside its competitive scene. Its continuous updates and new card packs encourages the players to shift their tactics and adapt to the meta, or not. It receives a PlayScore of 8.64 3. Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time PopCap hasn’t had enough of their iconic tower-defense game. After a disastrous time anomaly, follow Krazy Dave as he races against time to eat his Precious Taco the second time. Travel to various time periods such as Ancient Egypt, the Dark Ages and even the Jurassic Period. The eternal battle of the Plants and Zombies isn’t over yet and Dr. Zomboss is just getting started. With new features like Plant Foods, Card Upgrades and Power-Ups, watch your floral army grow to its optimum degree. It’s flower power at its finest and it has a PlayScore of 8.67 2. Clash Of Clans SUPERCELL made a big leap towards mobile with a game so addictive and strategic at the same time.

It changed the course of Freemium MMO Mobile Gaming. Build and expand your own town with impenetrable walls and powerful tesla towers against enemy hordes. Harness the power of elixirs, gold and other resources to fortify your buildings and upgrade your ARMY to take the battle to them. Join a clan to take down neighboring clans with your team’s combined might. Of course, Microtransactions are a big feature in this game. But it’s not always necessary if you’re in it for the fun. It’s one of the best base-building mobile games on the market with a PlayScore of 8.82 1. And the best Android Strategy Game so far is Kingdom Rush Ironhide’s universally acclaimed tower defense game is never the one to disappoint us. Ready your troops to defend against a savage horde of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other deadly mythical creatures. It’s one of the best mobile franchises to date. It’s still a thrilling strategy game that gets increasingly difficult wave after wave. You’ll be surprised with the number of monster variations and heroes to quell this evil threat. With its success, it has spawned numerous sequels and prequels, offering more content than this original. However, it’s the only FREE Kingdom Rush game available on the PlayStore. It has a PlayScore of 8.85


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Action RPG Series

Following the release of Galaxy of Heroes, Force Arena is a MOBA-like game that focuses on the joys of real-time PvP. Fight alongside Leia, Han, Chewie, Rey, and more, and use their individual abilities to rule the battlefield. With guilds, rewards, and special characters, it’s a Star Wars MOBA like no other. It has a PlayScore of 8.45. 10. Castlestorm: Free To Siege Taking all the elements and features from their console release, this game feels like the lovechild of Rovio’s Angry Birds series and Tower Defense games. It’s a 2D sieging game that speaks of destruction and carnage. Feel the falling of rocks, blowing of canons and clanking of swords in its incredibly odd and humorous ways. Use the power of signup casino bonus canada and blow up your enemies walls to the ground. But remember they can also do the same! It’s a good mix of strategy, resource-collecting and comedy gold. It has a PlayScore of 8.46 9. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Join your favorite characters such as Daryl, Michonne and more from AMC’s iconic Walking Dead series.

This action packed RPG takes you to the series’ most iconic moments and locations from Seasons 1 to 4. Collect heroes, compete against other players and hunt walkers in familiar locations. Choose the right team and equipment in each mission. It was praised for its good graphics and animations. It has a PlayScore of 8.47 8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Show off your latent dudududududuelling skills and battle with and against the anime’s greatest heroes and villains. Journey to the top by squaring off with regular joes and high skilled players around the world. In your adventure, step into Seto Kaiba and Yami Yugi’s shoes. Earn various rewards from completing stages, buy packs from the store, and create the ultimate deck–with spell cards, fusion cards, and the anime’s beloved monsters. Step into its digital world, and get wrapped in futuristic dudududuels, complete with its original voice acting.

It’s the great game for anime and strategy fans alike and It has a PlayScore of 8.47 7. Plague Inc. An interesting simulation game for casual players. Unleash the inner bioterrorist within you and lead the human race to extinction with your viral threat. Do it fast, or the whole world tries to stop it and create a cure. To avert human survival, players can upgrade and enhance the lethality, transmission and severity of the created plague. Choose from multiple types of world-ending viruses to satisfy your need to eradicate humanity. You can also name it! Experiment with various combinations and watch your plague evolve. It’s a terrifying strategy game. Even the World Health Organization recommends this if you want to know more about viruses. It receives a PlayScore of 8.49 6. Dawn Of Titans If Clash of the Titans was a mobile game, then this is the closest thing it could get. Veering away from mobile limitations, NaturalMotionGames’ strategy game takes war in a colossal degree. In your small screen, watch thousands of 3D animated armies and Titans clash in a brutal conflict.

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Norwegian Jewel Casino Ship Tour

Hi Cruisers, it’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV with a deck by deck tour of the Norwegian Jewel. Let’s kick things off on deck 6 with a look at the majestic Tsar’s Palace. This is one of two main dining rooms on the Jewel. Styled after the grand palaces of Russia, Tsar’s décor is quite impressive. Classic paintings adorn the walls, and lush red, greens and gold sell the palatial feel. Head toward the back of the ship for the best view.

These windows offer dramatic wake views. If you love art … and food, you’ll want to spend a little time in Tsar’s. Now let take a look at Azura, the second main dining room on the jewel.

Bright bold colors greet you immediately, and are the first clue that Azura is more modern in just about every way when compared to Tsar’s. For us this layout feels more crowded, and we typically ask to be seated around the corner further away from the entry. This area back here is our favorite, and we’ve found it to be much quieter than the main area. Maltings Beer & Whiskey Bar is a hip feeling bar that seems like super place to hang out. There are a couple of smallish flat screen tv’s, and a very cool copper-still-thingy that make the place feel authentic.

007 fans will likely enjoy ordering up a dry martini at Shakers Martini & Cocktail Bar. Be warned though, you’ll likely have an overwhelming urge to order it “Shaken, not stirred” I’ll bet the bartender wishes he had a dollar for every time he’s heard that. Shakers shares it’s space with Magnum’s Champagne & Wine Bar.

This is a fun place with lot’s of comfy seats. It’s a pretty big area with an open feel, and it’s centrally located. Also in this area you’ll find the Humidor. It looks and feels exactly like a humidor should.

Yup, perfect for a good stogie. And right next door is Le Bistro. French food, yum!

This is one of the many specialty restaurants on the Jewel. It’s cozy and romantic. We were lucky enough to get one of these luxurious booths – which for our six year old son doubles as a trampoline.

Ah yes, very romantic. But yeah, it’s nice here and very French. Now let’s check out the Jewel Club Casino.

It seems to have just about everything you could want from a cruise ship casino. Lot’s of tables, buzzing and whirring slot machines, and even a convenient bar & cashier. Next up is the lavish Stardust theatre. We love this venue! For us the color scheme and décor is quite beautiful. And while we appreciate the over-the-top décor of theatres on some ships we’ve sailed, this simpler style is a refreshing change.

It’s well laid out, and it seems like it would be hard to find a bad seat in the house, but then again we didn’t try every seat. Our first stop on deck 7 is the Internet café. It’s small, but adequate.

It shares its space with the Art Gallery, and there tend to be a lot of people passing through. That may be a bit distracting for some. It is typically not permitted to film in the photo gallery, but we were so impressed with this area that we asked for permission. Ship photographers ask for your room number when taking photos.

When you want to view your photos simply drop by the gallery and slide your cruise card at one of these handy displays. Here we are at the true hub of the ship – The beautiful atrium. There’s a lot to like here. You’ve got the bright beautiful colors, the posh piano, the Java Café for coffee and snacks, and quick access to Guest Services and the Shore Excursions desk. Next up is Chin Chin.

This is an Asian fusion style dining venue that, in our opinion, pretty much has it all. There’s a cool walk up Sake bar, which I checked out personally just for you our viewers. And of course there’s a Sushi bar, yummy. This is a pretty popular place, but as you can see there are plenty of seats. Even a few with a view. You may have to wait in line for a few minutes, but hey, there’s a Saki bar right there!

Located essentially inside Chin Chin is another personal favorite, Teppanyaki. This is Jewel’s authentic Japanese Hibachi restaurant. For us this place was a win win. The chef’s put on a terrific show twirling spatulas, tossing eggs, and cracking jokes, all while cooking up some of the finest hibachi treats on sea or land. Moving on we find the dazzling FYZZ Cabaret Lounge and Bar.

This place is super cool. It’s looks and feels like a night club straight out of the Jetson’s. There’s a nice dance floor and a convenient bar.

The staff here was terrific, and really went out of their way to make us feel welcome. A Special shout out to our new friend, Vadim! But wait there’s more! Yes, fyzz also has three private Karaoke rooms. On our sailing there were a few technical difficulties with the Blue and Green rooms.

Just to be safe, ask for the Red room. Now on to O’Sheehan’s. This is a 24 hour casual restaurant perfect for a hearty breakfast or quick lunch. For us O’Sheehan’s is a nice place to go when we don’t feel like dealing with the hustle and bustle of the buffet. The menu is comparatively limited, but the food is quick and tasty, and I don’t have to walk around with a tray in my hand looking for a place to sit.

If you just want to relax with a Guiness, there’s an excellent traditional bar for that. And oh, did we mention, the food is complimentary? Okay, here’s our secret that’s not really a secret, but it’s still cool. It’s the Great Outdoors. More than just this well stocked bar, the Great Outdoors is like a mini buffet.

They have the same type of food you’d find in the buffet, but during our sailing it was almost always less crowded, and the food seem less picked over. I don’t’ know if it’s the fresh air, lack of crowds or dramatic ocean view, I love it here. No spaghetti in the buffet? No problem.

Welcome to another of the ship’s specialty dining options, La Cucina. The Italian dinners here are cozy and delicious and the staff is warm and attentive. It’s very casual here with benches, tables and shelves of knickknacks. During our sailing this was also the location for both the afternoon pizza making, and cupcake decorating sessions. We went to both, and they were super fun.

This lovely place is The Garden Café, Jewel’s buffet restaurant. There were a lot of options; the food was typically fresh and the station layout kept the crowds pretty light, except on those busy sea days of course. The staff seemed to work really hard to keep everything clean and tidy. In our experience buffets can get a little sloppy with food spills, and picked over servings, but that wasn’t the case here. Good job guys.

Adjacent to the Garden Café is the adorable Kids Café. The tables and benches are suitable for pint size cruisers, and their companions. Teenagers will love the subway themed Club Underground. We’ll let the video speak for itself here.

The arcade has an adequate selection of games, but some were out of order on our sailing. Be sure to check the prices before you scan your card, as some cost up to $5 per game. The Splashdown kids club was always busy on our sailing and there were dozens of activities for just about every age group here.

On embarkation day, the staff will give you a thorough schedule for the entire voyage, so be sure to bring a highlighter! Tucked off in a corner on the main pool deck the sapphire kids pool has a covered hot tub, and a fun slide for even the tiniest cruisers. The Grill offers traditional poolside food, including burgers fries and hot dogs during the lunch hours. If you are looking to chill poolside with a cool beverage, the Topsiders Bar is perfectly located near the pools and hot tubs. Here you’ll see THE HOT TUBS AND pools on deck 12.

The pool on the left is for adults only, and the pool to the right, adjacent to the waterslide, is open to all ages, potty trained of course. The pools are separated by the stage for live performances. The pulse fitness center offers traditional cardio and weight training equipment, with some gorgeous views of the sea. There’s also a group fitness and cycling room. This is the Card Room.

It is the place to get your game on! They’ve got baccarat cards, checkers, scrabble, and even monopoly. If gaming’s not your … game, then perhaps you’d like settling down a with a good book in the Library.

There’s a nice selection here, and it seems like a comfy place to hangout on a sea day. Ah, but if you’re more like me then you’ll want to spend a little time here at the Mandara Spa & Salon. Here’s a quick look at the salon. Now let’s check out the best seats in the house. This is the “Relaxation Area”. I can’t imagine why they call it that.

Just check out that view! All right sport enthusiasts, check out this impressive court. The Jewel has dedicated quite a bit of space for this multi purpose court, and even put in a few rows of seats for those who prefer to just watch. There is also a golf driving net, shuffleboard, a jogging track, AND chess for giants. There’s no shortage of specialty restaurants on the Jewel, and Cagney’s Steakhouse is one of our favorites. This is a *comfortable place but it still feels elegant.

We’ve been there many times and found the food to be consistently good. If you prefer your meat skewered, then you’ll want to walk across the hall to Moderno, Jewel’s authentic Brazilian steakhouse. You’ll have to pass through Sugarcane Mojito Bar to get there though. Here’s a look at Sugarcane.

It’s super convenient if you have to wait for your table. If you like meat, Moderno is definitely worth a visit. BUT MY favorite part is the salad bar which is set up on the island in the center of the restaurant.

We’re putting together a separate video highlighting all of the specialty restaurants on the Jewel. This is Sky High Bar & Grill. This is probably the best place to hang out if you want to relax with a drink and people watch. And now a look at probably the smallest cruise ship chapel we’ve seen.

It’s lovely, but yeah, this is small. Cute. Massive by comparison is Spinnaker Lounge. You want fun seats, spectacular views, a dance floor and drinks on command? Well, here ya’ go. Spinnaker has all that and more.

It’s even has this cool looking Blackjack machine … that wasn’t working when we sailed, but it looked cool. That’s it for this episode. As always, thanks for watching, and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas.

Hey, click me to subscribe. Okay friends, here’s your secret tip for the Jewel. See the fish on the carpet? Those fish will always be facing the front of the ship. You can use them help find your way around the ship.

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Gold Fish Casino Slots

Hi guys, it’s Albert here again with Gold Fish Casino Slots. In this video we’re gonna check out Gold Fish Casino Slots newest feature, now available for players starting at level 20. One of the big changes you’ll see in our game lobby is that the area that was previously occupied by Ruby Slots is now the Mermaid’s Cove entrance portal you can now find Ruby Slots to the left side of your screen. Also see reviews of this slot on MyCasinoIndex

Mermaid’s Cove is a fun new feature with a new set of slot games and even more big rewards. You get the first slot game in Casinoslots SA for free Gold Fish 3. So are you ready?

I am! Let’s step into….! The first time you enter Mermaid’s Cove you’ll be presented with a short video where you’ll see our very own captain Goldie in action battling it out with some very bad, thieving Doubloon pirates…get ‘em Goldie! if you didn’t know, Captain Goldie is quite the swordsman. There he goes stealing our treasure!

Alright, Here’s how to play: Spin it. Earn pearls as you spin. Play and spend pearls to hunt for treasure. And finally win slots, coins, and other rewards! I like the sound of that!

Now be sure to click that button down below to collect your free pearls to get you started. Ooo, look at them pirates trying to sneak away! Welcome to Mermaid’s Cove and look who’s here: our new mermaid friend How’s it going mermaid? “Play Treasure Blast to win coin slots and treasures,” she says. Okay, then let’s hit that button!

And here we are; this is Treasure Blast. “Help Captain Goldie get his booty back.” “Fire the cannon to get the treasure.” Okay, so I can redeem the 25 pearls that I was gifted with to play my first Treasure Blast game.

Let’s play. Oh look at those pirates scurrying away with all that treasure! Goldie got ‘em good! And now the mermaid is back to reward me with a mystery card. that can reveal new slots, coins, and other rewards.

Alright we got one treasure chest, our first item collected. Thank You, mermaid! “You found a treasure chest!

Let’s go unlock it.” Here we are, tap the treasure chest to get free coins. Alright, Let’s do it.

Let’s get paid! I’m gonna click that collect button now ! Nice!

“Collect more treasure chests for even bigger free rewards”…. well I’m definitely up for that! And here we are. This is the map of Casinoslots SA where you can see our new mini slot track starting with Gold Fish 3 as our starter slot game. As I swipe to the right you can see we get more fun slot games on the slot rack that we can unlock … Quick Hit Platinum,Cash Wizard, Red Phoenix and more. Also you’ll see on our map we have some interesting landmarks that will be of value to you as you navigate through Mermaid’s Cove.

In addition to the treasure chest, we have a sunken ship, a volcano, and a sad looking tiki hut. Each one of these landmarks offer players unique rewards like free coins like the ones we got from the treasure chest. As we collect pearls by spinning slots, we can play Treasure Blast to find even more treasure chests. Right now I’m starting off at level 1, but if I collect 40 more treasure chests I’ll advance to level 2 which will award me with even more coins I can collect each time that countdown ends. In Treasure Blast, you could be awarded treasure chests, ships, tiki huts, volcanoes, and new slot games.

You can track your collection count down below for these items. And if you collect enough of them you’ll advance to the next level and can even upgrade your items. We’ll see that in a follow-up video. So I hope you enjoyed your first tour of Casinoslots SA. Start spinning Gold Fish 3 and earn those pearls so you can unlock more new slot games and collect even more treasure rewards.

In our next video we’ll take a closer look at how you can spend your pearls on Treasure Blast where you can play one of three different mini games and watch Captain Goldie battle those pesky pirates to win back all that stolen treasure for you! Until next time, keep on spinning and keep on winning!

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Sportsbook Lines

How the Online Sportsbook Determine the Betting Line.


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Casino firms punt on Asian love of gambling

SINGAPORE – Once a month, investment banker Joe and three of his friends drive an hour from Kuala Lumpur to the hilltop resort of Genting for an extended lunch of a different sort — playing roulette.

They gamble for four hours and make it back to the Malaysian capital in time for dinner, their wives and employers none the wiser.

“It’s fun. Whether in the stock market or in the casino, it’s a punt,” said Joe, 34, an ethnic Chinese who declined to give his real name.

Singapore’s founding prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, once described the ethnic Chinese, who drive much of Asia’s wealth, as “congenital gamblers”.

That habit — visible at a cockfight, the mahjong table or the racecourse — has now coupled with rising affluence to draw gaming firms such as MGM Mirage and Wynn Resorts who are eager to invest billions of dollars in Asia.

“The region is home to the fastest growing casino market,” said Jonathan Galaviz, an analyst at consultancy Globalysis.

Led by rapid growth in the tiny Chinese city of Macau, revenues from Asia’s 80 or so licensed casinos are likely to grow 20 percent to US$13 billion (7.5 billion pounds) this year, Las Vegas-based Globalysis said. Illegal casinos rake in an estimated $100 billion.


“There appears to be something about Chinese culture and social life that encourages gambling,” said Loren Tepperman, a sociologist at the University of Toronto, noting that many Chinese start betting when children in family games.

Across Asia, opportunities for gambling have proliferated.

Millions of mainland tourists pour into casinos in Macau, the only city in China where casinos are legal. Gaming revenues in the former Portuguese enclave have catapulted above those reported by casinos in the glitzy Las Vegas Strip.

Chinese gamblers can jump to border-town gambling dens in Vietnam, North Korea and Myanmar. Thai punters head to Cambodia while Singaporeans opt for cruise ships around the island’s international waters.

Singapore’s Lee, 82, opposed casinos in the city-state as its prime minister but now backs plans to open two local gaming resorts, rather than see tourism and tax receipts vanish offshore.

Major U.S. players Harrah’s Entertainment, MGM Mirage and Las Vegas Sands are vying to build and run the resorts, costing $5 billion, which will compete for gamblers such as Brick Liu when they open by 2009.

Liu, a 35-year-old manager at a state-owned firm in China’s Shenzhen, earns more than 300,000 yuan (21,000 pounds) a year and travels to the Philippines, Las Vegas, Malaysia and Macau to gamble, betting up to 10,000 yuan per trip.

“Gambling’s just a kind of entertainment for me,” he said.


Las Vegas has long relied on “whales”, or players who bet up to US$5 million in the course of a single trip, and Asian tycoons like Oei Hong Leong of the wealthy Indonesian-Chinese Widjaja attract media attention at the gaming tables.

One ethnic Chinese billionaire reportedly gave a US$1 million credit line to his daughter when she turned 21 during a trip to Las Vegas in 1995.

“Casinos everywhere run programmes to attract such players,” said Merrill Lynch analyst Sean Monaghan. These include free air tickets, accommodation and meals.

High rollers account for about 20 percent of global casino receipts, but about 60 percent of Asian revenues, analysts said.

The region’s growing wealth is creating a potential new pool of big players — Asia Pacific now has an estimated 2.3 million people with at least $1 million in financial assets, almost as many as the U.S., according to Merrill Lynch/Capgemini.

Revenues generated from rooms reserved solely for high-end players of baccarat, a popular card game in Asia, amounted to $3.5 billion, or 61 percent of Macau’s total gaming revenue last year, government data showed.


Las Vegas Sands has exported its exclusive “Paiza Club,” which offers personal concierge and limousine services, from Macau to its Venetian Resort, known for its canals and gondolas.
“The fact that we have a club like this in a Venice-themed building in the middle of Vegas tells you the degree to which we cater to our Asian players,” said Sands spokesman Ron Reese.

Now its U.S. resort serves Chinese delicacies such as sharks` fin soup and Peking duck as well as Chinese medicinal herbs and business jumped 20 percent over Chinese New Year, the firm said.

Asian big spenders are often accompanied by junket operators who set up the trips and act as valets and bankers.

“If they call me at 4 am, asking to borrow S$50,000 (18,000 pounds), I`ll say: “No problem,” and lend them the money interest free,” said Angela Ong, who has worked for a Singapore-based junket operator for the last five years.

Ong knows all about the quirky ways of her specially vetted clients. Some only play on auspicious dates while others put food on the gambling table to distract evil spirits.

And if a gambler is losing, he may duck out of the room briefly — according to Chinese gambling custom, it’s lucky to change your underpants.

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The oldest roulette systems Part 2

Some folks will try to snag you with the idea that you can somehow decrease this $.48 loss by only betting the red numbers in the third column. The problem is that, while this phony Three-To-Two offers a whopping 22-percent chance of hitting a 15:1 payoff, you’re only robbing Peter to pay Paul. Really, the amount you lose per spin remains constant regardless of whether you play the real or phony version. For the real one, your total bet each time was $25 on a $10 table and your loss each spin averaged out to roughly .2 percent of that. The expected-value loss for the phony Three-To-Two is roughly the same (.3 percent), but your total exposure goes up slightly to deal with the multiples of eight generated by having to bet eight separate props evenly. Assuming again that you’ve found the only French wheel in Europe to accept dollars and have a $10 minimum, you would have to bet at least $24 on Black for every $16 you bet on the red numbers. So, even though your average expected-value loss remains the about same, you’ll wind up losing more money over time. Consider again the expected-value formula:

(-$40 x 10.4995/37) + (-$16 x .5005/37) + ($8 x 18/37) + ($30 x 8/37)=?
(-$11.35) + (-$.22) + ($3.89) + ($6.49)=?
$10.38 – $11.57= -$1.19

So the phony Three-To-Two is out, but it does give us our second piece of advice: Always bet at the lowest denomination possible because, at some point, the expected-value loss becomes so miniscule that it’s negligible. Fore example, on a hypothetical $1-minimum French table where you play $3 on the color and $2 on the column, the expected-value loss is only $.10 for each spin.

Now, once you’ve gotten your loss over time as small as you can get it, the next thing you have to do is overcome it. The best way to do this is to add a little technique that’s vaguely similar to the D’Alembert. We are stressing the word “vaguely” because both practices require you to raise and lower your bets. However, this concept, a true “series system,” has its grounding in statistical theory, not everyone’s lame-brain idea that magical fairies control the wheel. Essentially, it works because, as we know, the probability of the ball landing on a number you bet is very high. It is so high, in fact, that it is actually more probable for the ball to land on two covered numbers in a row (about 49 percent) than it is that you will lose everything once (about 30 percent) or lose everything after a win (about 20 percent). So, if you double both bets after one on them wins, you stand a good chance of doubling what you would otherwise win.

The problem, of course, is that two wins in a row should happen about once every two spins, while a win-loss combination (found by multiplying the probability of a loss and a win) should occur about once every five spins. And, doubling after every win, you will, over a long time, lose about $20 for every $7 you make. The shorthand solution is, once again, to use null betting and this time to wait out after every second win until the next string of two losses occurs; at the beginning of a session, you always assume you’ve won twice already and wait for the first two-loss string before betting. If you win, you’ll double your bet, and if you win again, you’ll stop until the next set of two losses shows up. If three losses in a row do occur (i.e. you get hit with one of them), bet again, and if a four-loss string hits, leave the table. This will decrease your number of regular losses because three wins in a row will only happen about as often as a single loss (both should occur about once every three spins) and, after that second win, your bets become fair game. Meanwhile, it pits the probabilities of winning once (again, 70 percent) and winning after a loss (about 20 percent) against the probability of three losses in a row (about 3 percent), making the casino work extra hard to keep up with you.

Lastly, the Three-To-Two is a grinding system. Even at its best, you won’t walk away with the big hull, but rather, with a tiny bit of extra spending money. Occasionally, too, you’ll have a bad day just like with the Martingale. In this case, however, the Law of Big Numbers won’t give you much protection because you will average a tiny loss for each spin. Our advice, then, is that you set your bankroll at about eight times your initial bet and only allow yourself two losses before quitting. Also, if you play the system and everything is working plus-perfectly, set a win goal of 100 percent your bankroll for that session. (If you bring $8 to a $1 table and are up $8, leave). It may not be very much money. But at least you’ll be in the black.

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Free Blackjack Calculator Software

In response to a large demand for the need of many non professional internet Blackjack players and less than a month since its first launch, Blackjack Radar the leading Casino Blackjack 21 strategy calculator has come out with a new enhanced free version to their popular Blackjack strategy calculator.

It is a very well known fact that each online casino chooses different Blackjack 21 casino game rules that highly affect the odds and eventually the strategy decisions by the players’, says Greg Smith a product development manager at Blackjack Radar.

“Most players are not aware of the exact game rules of the online Blackjack game that they are playing and therefore cannot make the right decisions”.

In the Blackjack Radar new enhanced version, players have the possibility to choose the strategy calculations based also on the specific online casino in which they are playing.

The new version of Blackjack Radar is configured to calculate the perfect blackjack strategy for each of the main online casino brands on the internet and just by selecting the specific brand from the presented online casinos list, a BJ player can get the ready optimal strategy chart calculated for playing Blackjack at the specific online casino in which he is playing.

Blackjack Radar had an immense success since its launch in mid June and thousands of players are already making use of it while playing online Blackjack in their favorite internet casinos. The new enhanced version with the ability to pick an optimal Blackjack strategy by online casino, is expected to make the product even more attractive for all levels of online casino players and to crown it as the leading Blackjack Strategy calculator in the market today.

The fact that this optimal Blackjack Strategies calculator product is offered as a FREEWARE, makes the perfect solution for online Blackjack players who can now use a free tool to assist them win more casino games.”

To download Blackjack Radar free application, go to the site

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The oldest roulette systems

The D’Alembert

Ringing in as the second oldest roulette system, the “D’Alembert” does a lot to correct for the Martingale’s shortcomings. Unlike its forerunner, you don’t need deep pockets to play it and will probably never hit a table limit with it. This is because it is a “series betting system.” That is, it isn’t a true progressive like the Martingale (which calls for only increased bets) and instead requires you to both lower your bet by one unit when you win and raise your bet by one unit when you lose.

The problem is that, although the D’Alembert is named for a famous French mathematician, the theory behind it (that the more often an unselected outcome happens, the more likely a selected outcome becomes) is plain-out hogwash. A number or color is never “hot” or “due,” and if you let yourself think so, you’re bound to wind up in a reality-T.V. version of that movie “Lost in America.” For this reason, we’ve decided not to describe the D’Alembert and strongly advise you against using it. If you do decide to try it for experiment’s sake, however, simply treat it as a Martingale with your initial bet set at twice the table minimum; if you win, decrease your bet by half, and if you lose double it. Otherwise use all the corrective strategies we explained for the Martingale.

The “Three-To-Two”

The Three-To-Two is kind of like the James Bond of roulette systems: it has gone by many names and everyone who realizes it’s there mistakenly thinks he’s a super-genius. Basically, it requires you to bet on the Black and the third column or Red and the second column at a ratio of 3 to 2 (hence its proper name). That is, for every three units you place on the color, you have to place two units on its corresponding column.

At first glance, the Three-To-Two looks promising because, technically, it covers about 70 percent of the wheel. But the truth is, its expected value shows that it’s still a negative-sum bet (i.e. you will lose a small amount of money to the house every spin). Consider: Every time you win on only a color bet (about 38 percent of the time on an American wheel), you will lose your whole column bet, making your real payoff about 1-3. Likewise, if you win on only the column bet (21 percent of the time), you will lose all your color bet, and your real payoff will be 1-2. On the rare occasion that you win both (about 11 percent of the time), yes, you will win a much larger amount, but even this is only a 7-5 payoff. To put it in terms of sheer numbers though, here’s the expected value for a Three-To-Two when it’s played with unvaried bet amounts on an American wheel with a $10 minimum:

(-$25 x 12/38) + ($5 x 14/38) + ($5 x 8/38) + ($35 x 4/38)=?
(-$7.89) + ($1.84) + ($1.05) + ($3.68)=?
$6.57-$7.89= -$1.32

So you see, the Three-To-Two isn’t half as ingenious as the casinos and their lackeys (i.e., non-GP gambling-news sites) would have you believe. We would, however, like to point out that it’s not entirely impossible to use because, like the Martingale, it can be tweaked to some extent. Foremost of these corrections is that, if you’re going to use it, you must play it on a French Wheel that offers En Prison, and you must always take the held-over option. This will up your probability of winning overall and sometimes give you 3/5 of your original wager back when a zero hits. Plugging the Single-Zero numbers into the expected-value equation, we find the loss rate per spin is a little more in our favor:

(-$25 x 10.4995/37)* + (-$10 x .5005/37) + ($5 x 22/37) + ($35 x 4/37)=?
(-$7.09) + (-$.14) + ($2.97) + ($3.78)=?
$6.75 – $7.23= -$.48

Note: .4995/37 is the equivalent to the 1.35-percent house advantage expressed as a fraction; because En Prison only partially protects you from losing your total bet, the possible loss for this fractional value is still $25; the “-$10” represents the amount lost on the column if you win your imprisoned bet back.

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Martingale betting system Part 2

“But that can’t possibly happen,” you say, “because the probability of winning on an even-money prop is 47 percent!”—And believe us, man, we feel you.

But as we explained in Section IV, probability is hellova complex. For instance, it is relatively probable that a long string of losses will occur—which we know because we can calculate the likelihood of it happening by multiplying the probabilities for all the events together. So, going back to our even-money bet, all we have to do to find the probability of a two-loss streak is multiply 20/38 by 20/38. The two twenties equal 400, and the two thirty-eights equal 1444, so the fractional probability is 400/1444. Now, if we simplify that by dividing 1444 by 400, we find that the probability of a double loss is 1/3.61 or about once every four spins.

Really, deciding if you can play a system, then, is as easy as accounting for the amount of money you will probably lose and seeing if, over time, you can still come out ahead. No doubt, we don’t want you committing the “gambler’s fallacy” or falling into a “law of averages” pit trap, but it is a mathematical truth according to the “Law of Large Numbers” that, the more times a wheel is spun, the closer the average number for each occurrence will come to the ideal probability. Again, this doesn’t mean 10 spins or 100 spins. It means 1,000, 1 million, 1 billion spins over time.

Armed with this little bit of information, let’s go back to our example and see how it works out: For one thing, we know that Black is an even-money bet, and for an even-money bet, the probability of losing seven times in a row on an American wheel is 1/89 or once every 89 spins. As we mentioned in Section IV, there are about 105 spins per hour. So on a table with a $500 limit, you will probably lose $635 once every hour. Meanwhile, 105 spins aren’t nearly enough of a sample to get your average number of wins close to the ideal probability. And even if they were, each time you’d win, you’d only net $5 for 49 wins (i.e., a loss of about $400)!

Yet, this isn’t to say winning with the Martingale is entirely impossible. To get the odds in your favor, all you have to do is play a table with a 200-1 limit and “null bet.” Null betting—the practice of waiting out a couple spins until several consecutive losses have occurred—forces the house to produce an improbable string of losses over such a large number of spins that you can’t help but win. Also, because you aren’t actually betting anything on the first couple losses, null betting allows you to lose about the same number of times you would have for a more probable losing streak. In the case of our Black bet, probability states that it will have an 11-loss streak only once in about 1,164 spins. This is closing in on that large sampling we need to ensure that our ratio of wins to losses will average out to about what their ideal probability is. What’s more, we only need to wait out for three losses in a row, which happens every seven spins or so.

Over time, if we continue to wait until a three-loss streak occurs before betting, we should win more than we lose. Because the average number of spins per hour is 105, we can reasonably guestimate that an 11-streak will occur once in about eleven hours, with the house netting a total of $1,275. Meanwhile, because we’d be playing enough spins to get close to the ideal probability and because nothing but an 11-loss streak can hurt us, we’d rack up somewhere in the ball park of $2,500—that’s a profit of about $1,200, not counting the times you’ll lose only half your bet if you’re playing a wheel with Surrender.

So, yes, Virginia, you can use a Martingale to win, but probably not in the way you imagined. You can’t, after all, walk into a casino with a nickel and walk out a millionaire. That’s simply the stuff of fairy tales. In reality, you’ll need a large enough bankroll to hold you through that one big loss, plus play out the rest of a 1,164-spin series.

Finally, we can’t promise that you won’t have two or three—heck, even ten—eleven-loss streaks in one 1,164-spin session. Again probability is at best only a guestimate of what is likely to happen, not what will. The wheel itself has no clue that you’re playing it, let alone what numbers it should choose, and you can almost assuredly bet that you’ll eventually have a couple bad days. For this reason, we’re advising you to set a loss limit: if you reach 600 spins and are still in the hole by a 60 percent margin, scram.

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Martingale betting system

Once upon a time, roulette was simple. One guy would spin a ball around a wheel and a few others would bet on it. Nowadays, things aren’t nearly as cut-and-dry. But some of the time-tested strategies thought up during the game’s early years can still offer today’s player a winning edge when played correctly.

As we teach you to use these classic systems, we’ll also show you how and why each of them originally worked. This might seem like drudgery, but understanding what makes a system tick is the only sure way to use it successfully. Moreover, because there’s very little you can do to get a mechanical edge in online roulette, knowing how to play these systems and correct them on the fly may be your only hope when the information superhighway finally snuffs out brick-and-mortar casinos.

The Martingale

The oldest system on record is known as the “Martingale.” This baby came to the fore back before casinos began setting table limits, and it’s also the main reason they did so. The theory behind it couldn’t get more straightforward: If you bet a proposition long enough, it’s bound to win, and if you increase your bet every time you lose, you’ll make profit when that win finally comes through. The original Martingale was played exclusively on outside bets. A player would, for instance, bet Black at the table minimum, and if he lost, he would double the amount he risked on the next spin. He would continue doubling the previous bet for every loss, and when he eventually won, he would rake in enough at a 1-1 payoff to cover everything he’d lost to that point, plus gain whatever he would have won on the initial bet.

To give you a better idea of how this works, though, let’s look at a betting-sequence chart. The following numbers reflect how the Martingale would play out, assuming we were at a $5-minimum table with no ceiling on how much we could bet at one time.

Seems to work perfectly, right? Well… sort of. You see, as we said before, there are ceilings to how much you can bet on a proposition at one time (i.e., “table limits”). In the past, casinos would set these in a ballpark range, but in the 20th century, gambling wizard John Scarne put a real edge to their sword by advising them to set the their limits at either a 100-1 or 200-1 ratio. What this means is that the table limit will usually be 100 or 200 times the table minimum. Looking back at our betting-sequence chart, then, you can see why this shuts down a classic Martingale; seven losses in a row would make it impossible for you to double your bet again, and you’d simply be out $635.

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