Free Blackjack Calculator Software

In response to a large demand for the need of many non professional internet Blackjack players and less than a month since its first launch, Blackjack Radar the leading Casino Blackjack 21 strategy calculator has come out with a new enhanced free version to their popular Blackjack strategy calculator.

It is a very well known fact that each online casino chooses different Blackjack 21 casino game rules that highly affect the odds and eventually the strategy decisions by the players’, says Greg Smith a product development manager at Blackjack Radar.

“Most players are not aware of the exact game rules of the online Blackjack game that they are playing and therefore cannot make the right decisions”.

In the Blackjack Radar new enhanced version, players have the possibility to choose the strategy calculations based also on the specific online casino in which they are playing.

The new version of Blackjack Radar is configured to calculate the perfect blackjack strategy for each of the main online casino brands on the internet and just by selecting the specific brand from the presented online casinos list, a BJ player can get the ready optimal strategy chart calculated for playing Blackjack at the specific online casino in which he is playing.

Blackjack Radar had an immense success since its launch in mid June and thousands of players are already making use of it while playing online Blackjack in their favorite internet casinos. The new enhanced version with the ability to pick an optimal Blackjack strategy by online casino, is expected to make the product even more attractive for all levels of online casino players and to crown it as the leading Blackjack Strategy calculator in the market today.

The fact that this optimal Blackjack Strategies calculator product is offered as a FREEWARE, makes the perfect solution for online Blackjack players who can now use a free tool to assist them win more casino games.”

To download Blackjack Radar free application, go to the site

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