Gold Fish Casino Slots

Hi guys, it’s Albert here again with Gold Fish Casino Slots. In this video we’re gonna check out Gold Fish Casino Slots newest feature, now available for players starting at level 20. One of the big changes you’ll see in our game lobby is that the area that was previously occupied by Ruby Slots is now the Mermaid’s Cove entrance portal you can now find Ruby Slots to the left side of your screen. Also see reviews of this slot on MyCasinoIndex

Mermaid’s Cove is a fun new feature with a new set of slot games and even more big rewards. You get the first slot game in Casinoslots SA for free Gold Fish 3. So are you ready?

I am! Let’s step into….! The first time you enter Mermaid’s Cove you’ll be presented with a short video where you’ll see our very own captain Goldie in action battling it out with some very bad, thieving Doubloon pirates…get ‘em Goldie! if you didn’t know, Captain Goldie is quite the swordsman. There he goes stealing our treasure!

Alright, Here’s how to play: Spin it. Earn pearls as you spin. Play and spend pearls to hunt for treasure. And finally win slots, coins, and other rewards! I like the sound of that!

Now be sure to click that button down below to collect your free pearls to get you started. Ooo, look at them pirates trying to sneak away! Welcome to Mermaid’s Cove and look who’s here: our new mermaid friend How’s it going mermaid? “Play Treasure Blast to win coin slots and treasures,” she says. Okay, then let’s hit that button!

And here we are; this is Treasure Blast. “Help Captain Goldie get his booty back.” “Fire the cannon to get the treasure.” Okay, so I can redeem the 25 pearls that I was gifted with to play my first Treasure Blast game.

Let’s play. Oh look at those pirates scurrying away with all that treasure! Goldie got ‘em good! And now the mermaid is back to reward me with a mystery card. that can reveal new slots, coins, and other rewards.

Alright we got one treasure chest, our first item collected. Thank You, mermaid! “You found a treasure chest!

Let’s go unlock it.” Here we are, tap the treasure chest to get free coins. Alright, Let’s do it.

Let’s get paid! I’m gonna click that collect button now ! Nice!

“Collect more treasure chests for even bigger free rewards”…. well I’m definitely up for that! And here we are. This is the map of Casinoslots SA where you can see our new mini slot track starting with Gold Fish 3 as our starter slot game. As I swipe to the right you can see we get more fun slot games on the slot rack that we can unlock … Quick Hit Platinum,Cash Wizard, Red Phoenix and more. Also you’ll see on our map we have some interesting landmarks that will be of value to you as you navigate through Mermaid’s Cove.

In addition to the treasure chest, we have a sunken ship, a volcano, and a sad looking tiki hut. Each one of these landmarks offer players unique rewards like free coins like the ones we got from the treasure chest. As we collect pearls by spinning slots, we can play Treasure Blast to find even more treasure chests. Right now I’m starting off at level 1, but if I collect 40 more treasure chests I’ll advance to level 2 which will award me with even more coins I can collect each time that countdown ends. In Treasure Blast, you could be awarded treasure chests, ships, tiki huts, volcanoes, and new slot games.

You can track your collection count down below for these items. And if you collect enough of them you’ll advance to the next level and can even upgrade your items. We’ll see that in a follow-up video. So I hope you enjoyed your first tour of Casinoslots SA. Start spinning Gold Fish 3 and earn those pearls so you can unlock more new slot games and collect even more treasure rewards.

In our next video we’ll take a closer look at how you can spend your pearls on Treasure Blast where you can play one of three different mini games and watch Captain Goldie battle those pesky pirates to win back all that stolen treasure for you! Until next time, keep on spinning and keep on winning!

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